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Specification of Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon

(Click the product code to download the specification for your own reference if required)

Gas Phase Application- Air purification, air separation, etc

Product Code:

1) E0408-1000

2) E0408-1100

3) E0612-1000

4) E0612-1100

Liquid Phase Application - Waste Water Treatment, Water purification, Drinking water purification

Product Code:

1) E0830-1000

2) E0830-1000AW (Acid Washed)

3) E1230-1000

4) E1230-1000AW (Acid Washed)

5) E20x50-1000

6) E20x50-1000AW

Gold Recovery

Product Code: E0612-1100G

Other Premium Product: Silver Impregnated Carbon

MSDS of Activated Carbon - Material Safety Data Sheets

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