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Effigen Carbon Sdn Bhd, an activated carbon supplier in Malaysia, is one of the leading activated carbon suppliers and manufacturers in Malaysia, South East Asia. We are exporting our products to USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia and Europe. Effigen is producing coconut shell based activated carbon (biomass) in both granular form and powder form. The usage of Activated Carbon we produce are as follows:

1) Filtration in waste water treatment systems;
2) Filtration in water purification systems;
3) Filtration in drinking water systems;
4) Air purification system;
5) Purification processes in chemicals plants;
6) Gold recovery process; 
7) Filtration in pollution control for enviremental protection; and
8) Many others gas and liquid phase purification processes.

EffigenCarbon is your partner in providing effective solutions to the modern exacting demands of pollutants filtration. Setting uncompromising standards in a complex and rapid changing business; we are committed to excellence services, performance and competitive pricing.

A name trusted by manufacturers of filtration products for its quality consistency, EffigenCarbon produces coconut shell based activated carbon using modern rotary kilns. Providing customers a comprehensive range of reliable, tested and high quality activated carbons.


  • Perpetual strive for distinctive product performance.
  • Sustainable bonds with suppliers and clients.
  • Unyielding ethics towards nature, society, and entrepreneurship.

    Contact us: sales@effigencarbon.com


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